(SP108) - Open Flame Burner, Safety Shut-off & Open Flame Burner Adapter

(SP108) - Open Flame Burner, Safety Shut-off & Open Flame Burner Adapter
(SP108) - Open Flame Burner, Safety Shut-off & Open Flame Burner Adapter Our new Brass Spindle (SP108) - Open Flame Burner with Safety Shut-off Control Valve automatically shuts off the flow of gas to the open flame burner if the flame is blown out. Works great for indoor and outdoor installations where you do not want to let the gas continue to flow if the flame blows out. We have included a Mantle to Open Flame Adapter for ease in set-up in lanterns that use the VLV-100 style valves.

  • Solid Brass burner
  • Aluminum and brass safety valve with thermocouple
  • Available with Natural Gas or Propane
  • Choice of  Round Top burner tip or Acorn burner tip for NG and Pyramid Knob tip for LP.
  • Natural Gas Tip style shown produces a beautiful, wide flickering flame and the Acorn Burner Tip, a large "fish tail" flame
  • Our new "fishtail" flame "Pyramid Knob tip"  is designed for Propane (LP) burner setups.
  • Fits most Charmglow, MHP (MPH-GLV) and GLM (VLV100) gas light valves
  • Height:
    • 4 3/4", for flat bottom lantern model (shown)
    • 6", for lantern models with sunken bottom.
  • Width (including thermocouple): 4 1/2"
  • Simple and Easy to operate:
      • Push the button,
      • Light the burner,
      • Wait 30 seconds and release.
    • If the flame is ever extinguished during operation, the gas light automatically shuts off until it is manually re-lit.
  • Easy to install:
    • Turn off gas
    • Remove mantle burner stem
    • Apply thread sealer to valve threads
    • Screw onto existing gas light valve*
*NOTE: Do not remove orifice from valve.

The modification is safe; make sure there are no leaks when the valve and burner are replaced with Adapter. ALWAYS leak test all fittings before proceeding using a soap and water solution. NEVER use a match or lighter to check for a leak!

Always check local codes to see if this method is approved and use a certified plumber for installations.

Need a custom burner with the Gas light Safety Shut-off Valve? Contact us and we would be happy to assist you in your design.

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