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Automatic Gaslight Igniter Benefits

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Knightronix TM KnightLighter TM Automatic Gaslight Igniter Benefits

27 March 2006





  1. Both Battery and 24VAC igniters allow automatic operation of a gaslight.  A photo sensor keeps the light off during daylight hours, and the light can automatically turn on each evening.
  2. The 24VAC Model can be used with a wall switch, timer, or remote control, allowing even greater cost savings compared to a manual gaslight.


Energy Conservation


  1. By keeping one commercial gas street lamp off during daylight hours, over 13 million BTU’s of natural gas can be conserved per year.
  2. The Knightronix 24VAC igniter uses an average of about 2.4 Watts of power.
  3. The Knightronix Battery-powered igniter uses an average of approximately 0.0003 Watts.  Estimated battery life is 4-6 years for a set of 2 Alkaline C-Cell batteries.


Cost Savings


  1. Burning a typical commercial three-mantle gaslight 24 hours a day currently costs approximately $26 per month.
  2. By keeping the gaslight off during daylight hours, the gas costs are cut approximately in half, saving about $13 per month per lamp.
  3. Cost savings amount to approximately $156 per year per gaslight.  Higher cost savings will be realized as the price of gas continues to rise.


Cost of operation is based on March 2006 natural gas prices in Minnesota of $1.09 per therm (100,000 BTU), not including taxes.  Prices may vary in your area.


Cost of operation is based on a typical three-mantle commercial gaslight.  Gas savings of approximately 50% are also realized using an automatic igniter with two-mantle and open flame gaslights.


For more information regarding the Knightronix KnightLighter Automatic Gaslight Igniter, please visit our gaslight website at http://www.vulcanlighting.com


Knightronix TM and KnightLighter TM are trademarks of Knightronix, Inc. New Brighton, MN.

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