How to Change Gaslight Mantles


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For best results, change both mantles at the same time.


  1. Turn gas off, allow lamp to cool. Remove and wash all glass panes.
  2. Remove old mantle rings from burner tips, as well as old mantle debris.
  3. Carefully remove gas mantle from package. Insert ceramic ring onto burner nozzles, twist 1/4 turn to let rings rest on nozzle shelf.
  4. Gently pull soft mantle down and shape it using both hands to adjust bag shape.
  5. Replace all but one of the glass panes back into the light.
  6. WITH THE GAS STILL TURNED OFF, using a lighter or matches to burn the coating off each mantle. Let mantles cool 2 to 3 minutes.
  7. DO NOT TOUCH MANTLES. They are very fragile once burned.
  8. Turn gas on slowly and light the new mantles.
  9. Replace the last pane of glass into the light head.
  10. After a few hours, mantles will shape-up completely (auto form) and produce maximum light. Each mantle is unique and will shape itself differently.

NOTE: Vibrations is the leading cause of premature mantle failure!

Lawn mowers, weed eaters and bumping into the pole can greatly reduce the life of your mantles.

For other gaslight tips or parts, please call us at 651-636-1008.


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