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Knightronix TM KnightLighter TM Automatic Gaslight Igniter Operation


The KnightLighter uses a daylight photo sensor to keep the igniter and gas supply shut off during daylight hours, cutting gas consumption approximately in half compared to manual gaslights.  Each evening, the gaslight automatically ignites.  Up to three ignition cycles will be attempted each evening; if ignition is unsuccessful due to damaged mantles, the igniter will shut off until the next evening, when it will attempt ignition again.


Automatic Gaslight Igniter Mantle Life


Will mantle life be reduced when using the KnightLighter automatic gaslight igniter?


Knightronix has been selling automatic gaslights with mantle burners for over six years, and mantles typically last approximately one year or more.  We have customers with mantles that have not been changed for over two years.  With both manual and automatic gaslights, care must be taken when cleaning glass to avoid damaging the mantles.  Estimated mantle life is comparable for both manual and automatic gaslights.


Mantle life varies depending on the mantle manufacturer.  Knightronix has two suppliers of durable hard and soft mantles that work well with manual and automatic gaslights.  Wind and weather also affect mantle life, depending on how well the gaslight is sealed against the elements.


For more information regarding the Knightronix KnightLighter Automatic Gaslight Igniter, please visit our gaslight website at


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