6V Battery-Powered Gas Light Igniter - Open Flame Burner

6V Battery-Powered Gas Light Igniter - Open Flame Burner

We have improved the "Knightlighter™" Automatic Gaslight Igniter,
making it more functional and smaller in size.

Cut your gas costs and carbon footprint by adding our Electronic Ignition System (for all gas lighting) to your manual gas light! Now you can customize your own design by choosing from several available options below to build your Open Flame Igniter/Burner set-up; all included in one low price!

The KnightLighterTM gas lamp igniter cuts gas costs and carbon dioxide emissions by 50% by keeping the lamp off during daylight hours. Savings can amount to $165 to $250 or more per year, depending on the price of natural gas or propane. Greenhouse gas emissions can be reduced by almost 2000 pounds per year for a typical 3-pointed open flame burner, just by keeping the gas lamp off during the day.

Using an integrated flame sensor, the gas lantern reignites automatically if the wind blows the flame out. If it's too windy to ignite, the gas supply is turned off after several ignition attempts.

KnightLighterTM gas light igniters have been designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. since 1999.

  • Provides Automatic Operation of a gaslight
  • Igniters use a photo-sensor for open flame and mantle burning gas lighting. The igniter will sense the presence of a flame and will relight the burner if the flame blows out. A Daylight photo-sensor senses daylight and turns the igniter off; at night, the igniter will turn back on automatically.
  • Smaller igniter size, 2.2” x 2.2” x 4.5” (including gas valve); fits in the bottom of most gaslights
  • Operates on 4 AA Batteries; batteries typically will last for up to one year
  • Easy installation for existing gas light applications
  • No low-voltage wiring needed
  • Igniter works with Propane or Natural Gas
  • Gas solenoid valve port: 1/8" NPT input and output; adapts to most burner assemblies
  • Includes your choice of Knightronix™ Open Flame Burners
  • Includes your choice of Connection Fitting
  • Includes our standard Direct Wire™ Probe (Open Flame or Mantle Burners) or upgrade to a Dual Probe with Steel Bracket for Open Flame Burners; extra charge.
  • Water-resistant battery holder (approx. dimensions 3.1″ x 2.7″ x 1″) with 4AA Alkaline Batteries
  • or you may select 4xAA Rechargeable eneloop NiMH Batteries; extra
  • Igniter may also be purchased separately; using our standard Direct Wire™ Probe (included, with instructions), igniter will also work with your Open Flame burner configuration.
  • 24VAC version also available
  • Not recommended for indoor use

We can do "Customized Igniter Integrations" for almost any type of gas light. Please contact us for more information.

Dealer Pricing available as well as reduced shipping charges for larger quantity orders. Contact us for more information.

6V Igniter Specifications

Available Options:

Battery Options:

Burner/Valve Selection:

Connection Fitting:

Fuel Type:

Ignition Probe Choice:

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